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  Amenity Area Registration (gates, pools, tennis, etc)
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Most Covenants require approval for any change to a property including:

  • Sheds,
  • Outbuilding,
  • Fences
  • Major Landscaping
  • Pools
  • Any improvements to your property.

Some Covenants prohibit items all together or make the committee make the final decision.  

Receiving approval protects all the property owners against home owners constructing something that is not attractive or consistent with the rest of the community. 

Every community has different type of guidelines for improvements. 

The approval process

  • Download a form by clicking here
  • Send your plans via email, fax, mail or drop it off at the office
  • The plan must include the location of the improvement on the property, color, size and shape of the improvement.
  • The more information about the improvement the better.
  • We will forward your request to the correct committee.
  • Once a decision is made you will receive a letter in writing. 
  • This process will take from 1 week to 45 days depending on the community

  Fax  to 678-623-3711  Phone 678-284-0244 Ext 421

 303 Corporate Center Drive, Suite 300A  Stockbridge , GA 30281

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